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  • Management
    Li Zhigao, CEO of TMG

    Mr. Li Zhigao is the chairman and CEO of TMG, president of Computer Weekly and vice chairman of Chongqing Association for Science & Technology, commissioner of All -China Youth Federation, vice president of China Youth Association for Network Development and deputy director and secretary general of Marketing Committee for China Internet Association.

    With years of efforts by Li Zhigao and his colleagues, Computer Weekly has become the biggest IT press group in China, and TMG has become largest digital media group of the IT industry in China and successfully expanded its businesses in the newly emerging areas including the mobile phone entertainment. Currently, the various industries under TMG have become the leading brands in the fields of internet and wireless internet in China.

    Mr. Li Zhigao holds the bachelor, master and doctor degrees of Chongqing University.

    Yang Tao, SVP of TMG

    Mr. Yang Tao is the senior vice president of TMG, who is in charge of the operation and management of wireless services and has formerly in charge of the operation on electronic commercial business. Since Mr. Yang Tao has worked in TMG for many years and developed with the company, he has a comprehensive understanding on business operation and wireless services.

    Mr. Yang Tao has worked for Computer Weekly.

    Mr. Yang Tao holds the bachelor degree of Sichuan University and the master degree of Chongqing University.

    Wang Haijing, Vice President of Tianji Media Group and General Manager of the Operation

    Currently, Ms. Wang Haijing holds the post of vice president of Tianji Media Group and the general manager of the operation department, who is responsible for operation management of the website business and regional management work of Tianji Media Group.

    Ms. Wang Haijing graduated from Shenyang Ligong University majoring in computer application. In the past decade, Ms. Wang Haijing has been focusing on operation management and marketing work of IT and internet industries and has made great achievements. Ms. Wang Haijing has once worked in Hisense Computer Company, Highteam Communications and Brighteam Advertisement Company.

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