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  • Tianji Public Relations

      About Us

      Tianji Public Relations (or TIANJI PR for short) devotes itself to efficient digital integrated marketing and professional actual E-business integration service. Our services covers digital integrated marketing, interactive marketing, mobile internet, digital public relation and communication, E-business strategy consultancy, E-business technology platform solutions, whole network operation solution, data mining depth marketing, etc.. According to customer demands, TIANJI PR creates individualized solutions. So it is well-known for accuracy and efficiency. We provide services for many fields, such as IT hardware, internet enterprises, E-business, mobile, automobile and others.

      Company Philosophy

      TIANJI PR adheres to the philosophy that “every internet marketing strategy should to be perfect”. Hence we focuses on our customers, make use of the newly marketing strategy in the new ear, brings froth new ideas, offers optimized solutions and has constant marketing effect to create advantages for customers. TIANJI PR exerts itself to produce the open platform and brand new media patterns in the mobile internet era, and races to control more resources.

      Core Advantage

      The core advantage of TIANJI PR is that it gathers a great number of elites from internet and media fields. They have abundant working experience, and know the internet marketing strategy very well. The elites understand what customers need, keep improving their creative designs and have a great control of digital marketing effects. Therefore, TIANJI PR absorbs more and more talents, creates a professional, efficient, open and innovative internet marketing team.

      TIANJI PR sets up a powerful communication and integrated marketing platform, owns 500 web portals high-flows self-media resources in 1-5 class cities in China, has depth-cooperation with over 2500 channels, 310 mainstream forums and 20 mobile phone newspapers of major cities and BBS forums in 310 universities. Those cover more than 180000000 netizens, offer remarkable public relations and socialized media marketing services, and promote brand recognition and reputation.

      As a leader in internet marketing, TIANJI PR develops a series of technology platform, which aims to realize marketing revolution through technical innovation. We have intelligent analysis about users’ attributes and behaviors, and lock the intelligent analysis system in the WDA internet. TIANJI PR also has intelligent analysis on website data, excavates WVA website value analysis system that may has potential value. We support the development, moment content update of polymorphic data, issue MDS polymorphic distribution system, have MAS multi-site advertising management system which can realize best advertisement putting and effects. In addition, TIANJI PR offers a B2C TIANJI MALL —— a customized E-commerce solution, which can meet demands of all the traditional enterprises in the electronic marketing environment. We also have TIANJI ECP enterprise and E-business cooperative system, a E-business rear-end operation management system which contains various platforms, shops and brands. TIANJI PR combines technology and marketing insights, and provides sufficient guarantee for perfect marketing effects.

      TIANJI MALL joins hands with Baidu micro purchase, Sogou shopping and 360 shopping. Customers can enter the E-business page through search engine, and TIANJI MALL delivers goods directly to the customers, which may shorten shopping distance and enhance on-line sales.

      We show professional skills through evaluation, articles, cases and topics, and reveal our foresights and insights in the development of this field. Products are recommended by four levels, namely consumption, industry, topic selection and activities. Hence the sales can be promoted. We are highly-skilled in video producing and communication, and can extend domains of digital life. Product experience can be shown in travel notes, therefore the readability is improved. We make use of gorgeous visual effects to boost brands, and create more advantages in competition in the internet era.

      Cooperation Partners

      TIANJI PR provides constant service for more than 300 customers, including many well-known brands both abroad and domestic, such as Intel, SUMSUNG, Lenovo, IBM, Jingdong Mall, Amazon, Gome, Suning, HP, Canon, Epson, Microsoft, etc. We receive trust and confidence from these customers.

      Awards and Honors

      2011 ROI Festival Gold Award Tale Originality Network Marketing Award

      2012 ROI Festival Gold Award

      2012 Gold Network Gold Award

      2012 Ad world Gold Marketing Award

      2012-2013 Chinese Internet Charity Marketing Enterprise Award



      IT CPN devotes itself to regional market research. Within three years, it takes white-collar workers, government elites, enterprises and broadband users as major audiences, integrates 500 web portals high-flows self-media resources in 1-5 class cities in China, and has depth-cooperation with over 2500 channels. As the trans-media resource platform, IT CPN accumulates a great number of IT customers in a short period, such as SUMSUNG, DELL, MOTO and View Sonic, etc. IT CPN wins the best innovative marketing award of 2009 Airuixin Marketing Award.


      TIANJI PR is established. With the IT CPN as a base, TIANJI PR integrates regional resources, extends regional mass decentralization and interaction, and provides accurate services for regional market. With our constant efforts, TIANJI PR becomes the most famous marketing specialist in China, and our achievements are recognized by many customers. Customer base expands quickly from IT industry to household appliances, finance and automobiles, etc.


      TIANJI PR makes great innovations in enterprise strategy, service model and products, has rapid expansion, and races to control advantageous points.

      As for the strategy, TIANJI PR breaks through the traditional homogenous methods, and creates a N=1 business model, which makes individualized plans for customers from pre-phase analysis and strategy designs to final enforcement. It can meet customers’ individual needs, and this is the core strategy.

      As for the model, TIANJI PR gives up the traditional service model, and puts forward direct service model. This provides one-to-one service for customers, which enables us to have efficient communications, high-speed decision and rapid enforcement. It can reduce many unnecessary steps that may bring down efficiency.

      As for the products, TIANJI PR develops mobile internet products, combines SO, LO and MO together, and becomes a digital marketing expert based on SOLOMO. Virtual-real fusions help on-line and offline users to have cooperation, attract public attention, innovate internet marketing ideas, and meet customers’ demands to the greatest extent. At the end of 2012, TIANJI PR establishes enterprise and E-commerce service department, which catches the chance in transformation of E-commerce and develops strategic products. This puts enterprise E-commerce strategy consultation and enforcement to the top of the TIANJI PR product pyramid. As soon as the products come out, it gets highly remarks and widely recognition from customers for its customization, modularization, and fine-adaptation and fine flexibility.


      As the leading digital marketing expert in China, TIANJI PR sticks to the idea the every internet marketing strategy should be accurate and perfect. We make breakthroughs in innovations, realize sustainable and rapid development, and drives forward the development and evolution in digital marketing industry.

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